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Bulb are the UK’s fastest growing renewable gas and electricity supplier. At Bulb they keep things simple: they have one tariff for electricity and gas, and it’s the lowest offered by any 100% renewable electricity company in the UK. Come to think of it, it’s lower than most non-renewable providers too. So no trying to work out whether you should be on this plan, or that plan, or the other plan. Sign up with Bulb, and you’re on the same plan as every other Bulb customer!

What makes Bulb different to all the other energy companies?

Bulb supplies 100% renewable electricity, saving the average person who switches to them £246 a year. Their aim is to make energy simpler, cheaper, and greener for their members.

“What a wonderful find Bulb are! They are a breath of fresh air! If you want to go green and save money, Bulb is where it’s at!” 
Patricia, Somerset

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Join the community

Bulb prides itself on its community spirit.They have a help centre to answer any questions you might have, but they also have a community website that has forums for Bulb customers and staff to help answer questions.

They even have an area to discuss different elements of the business and energy in general.

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Renewable Energy

Customers of Bulb will have 100% renewable energy with 10% green gas, which is Ofgem accredited. This means that you can rest assured that you are getting the best energy, and you know where it’s coming from.

According to the website, by going green, the average Bulb member lowers their carbon impact by 3.4 tonnes of CO2 a year. That’s the hard work of around 1,689 trees!

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