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The best kind of review is one where you’ve been using the product yourself for years, and that’s why we’re reviewing Three Mobile.

Whether you’re looking for a contract phone, a sim-only plan, or PAYG, what we like about Three is that everything is easy. The app tells you how much your bill is, how much of your allowance you’ve used, and allows you to upgrade or add-on data if you need to.

The prices can be good – particularly if you are prepared to commit to a 24 month contract.

One of the most impressive things about Three is the international service that they call Feel at Home.

Feel at Home is a service which allows Three customers to use their devices abroad at no extra cost in 71 destinations, including Europe, USA, Australia and many more.

You can text, call and even browse the internet abroad without paying any extra money – it all just comes out of your standard monthly allowance.

In the first two years after launch, Feel at Home saved customers a whopping £1.3 billion and five months later that went up to £2.6 billion. Even on an individual level customers are estimated to have saved an average of £202 each year in roaming costs.

Three have stores on the High Street, and it can be really handy to be able to pop in to browse new phone deals, or upgrade your account.

Like other suppliers, they also offer Broadband, which we have also found to be simple and reliable.

There is lots of choice in the mobile phone market, but Three have been around for a long time, and continue to offer good coverage, excellent customer service, and a competitive price.